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Image by Sara Kurig


Virtual Reality Art Gallery

Come check us out in Virtual Reality (VR)!


Phase 1 of our art gallery in VR gives you a virtual 3D experience! In Phase 1 of the virtual reality art gallery, display items are mounted on walls in a 3D immersive room.  

Phase 2 of our art gallery in VR gives you an even more immersive experience in Lyrical Mezzanine. In Phase 2 of the virtual reality art gallery, some items are attached to the wall for maximum visual impact all at once. Some items are affixed to the floor, unmovable, in the place where they would usually be used. Some items are loosely placed on stands, tables, or the floor to encourage hands-on tactile interaction. One section of the work is based on a piece of prose that is expanded into a myriad of physical elements/features that compose an interactive garden.  

Image by Minh Pham
Image by Christine Sandu


Multisensory Encounter

As viewers venture through the exhibit in virtual reality, you will see, read, feel, and touch fragments, features, and portions reminiscent of your own individual world that create conversation pieces for considering how various details in your lives and the lives of others matter.

Lyrical Mezzanine takes the words off the pages and helps them come alive three-dimensionally also as physical objects, and brings viewers into the poems literally as the exhibit surrounds them. The exhibit therefore culminates in a multidimensional, multifactorial, and Amultisensory encounter.

Image by Vinicius "amnx" Amano
Man in VR Cafe
Woman in VR Headset
VR Art Exhibition
Woman in VR Room
Image by Hammer & Tusk
Image by Amr Taha™
Image by Billetto Editorial
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