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Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown
Founder of Lyrical Mezzanine

Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown is a physician and a scientist, who trained as a heart specialist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She has presented her poetry at various locations around the United States and the Caribbean. Several of her medical poems have been published in medical and scientific journals and magazines. She has recited her poetry on Mayo Clinic Radio, and she has been featured on the Mayo Clinic News Website. She helps lead medical missions and education teams throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. She infuses poetry into all areas of learning, study, and practice. She enjoys traveling, music, good food, and great conversations.

Dr. Brown designed Lyrical Mezzanine exhibitions as multimedia conceptual art  shows online and live in virtual reality, or offline in 3D. Lyrical Mezzanine artwork introduces components that viewers can visualize or touch, enhancing the multiple senses involved in the exhibition. Thus, ‘feeling’ is emphasized comprehensively – literally and figuratively.


Limited Sample of Artist's Very First Exhibits

Two-dimensional displays of poetry
related to life, science, and medicine


Two-person exhibition, PhD Thesis Poetry Exhibition, Farmington, CT                                                                   


Annual Group exhibition, UCHC Cultural Festival, Farmington, CT          


Group exhibition, New Life Fellowship Coffeehouse, Plainville, CT