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 Nurse Angels 

Nurse Angels.jpg



“It’s beautiful. I cried when I read it. When do you leave I hope not too soon.
Now I need to wipe my tears and go to bed. If I needed a cardiologist I would pick you.”
~ Nurse Angel


“You made me cry! I hope you know how wonderful you are, and how much we are really going to miss you and your bubbly presence. You reminded me almost daily that even when life is hard and throws curve balls,
there is always something to be thankful for.”
~ Nurse Angel



“Wow that’s really powerful.  I like the use of vivid imagery of the three nurse angles as a three pronged instrument for caring.” ~ Family Medicine Physician

"That's very nice. I'm sure they were touched. They will miss you."

~ Psychiatry Physician

"That's beautiful! What a great gift!"

~ Cardiology Nurse

"This is so beautiful. Your gift really helps people!"

~ Internal Medicine Physician

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