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limited sample of live medical & science humanities appearances 

 by Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown 

Recitals of original poetry about science, medicine, medical humanities, and humanity to audiences of health professional faculty and students,
as well as general public audiences.


2016                DiVerse Poetry Slam, Rochester, MN                                   


2016                 American Physical Society Conference, Middletown, CT                          


2016                 UCONN Health Careers Opportunities Program, Farmington, CT      

2016                 UCONN Health MD/PhD Program, Farmington, CT                           

2016                 Clinician Investigator Conference, Rochester, MN                                                                  


2016                Cardiovascular Research Seminar, Rochester, MN                                                                                  


2014             Summer Medical Institute, Philadelphia, PA                                                                           

2011             The Geezers Annual Member-Spouse Dinner, New Haven, CT                              

2011                 UCONN PhD thesis presentation, Farmington, CT

2004-2011        Annual UCHC Culture Shock Festival/Show, Farmington, CT                                    

2007                 American Society for Cell Biology Meeting: Cell Slam, Washington, DC


2001-2004         Annual Wesleyan University Cultural Shows, Middletown, CT                                                                     

2013                 Biophysical Society Meeting, Philadelphia, PA  


Presented a large academic poster about how writing science and medical poetry enriches academic learning.

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